Grandpa’s walks


As far back as I can remember as a kid, my grandparents have made the decision to go on a walk every day.

That has set an example engraved in my mind of the importance of staying physically active. As well as the example they have made always encouraging us, supporting our growth efforts, and loving/spoiling us whenever they had the chance.

My grandpa will be turning 90 on his next birthday, has had several strokes, and had to relearn movement on one side of his body. He still walks every day, now with a walker. But where most elderly his age are wheelchair or bedridden he is able to stay mobile and active. My grandparents have also eaten very simple and healthy meals their entire life. 

We should all know that statistics show inactivity and poor nutrition especially for the elderly will shorten your lifespan, have a higher risk of chronic disease, Osteoporosis (brittle bones) and Sarcopenia (muscle loss, weakness).

Some research suggests that genetics are responsible for only 25% – 40% of healthy aging. That means the remaining  60% – 75% comes from lifestyle and environmental factors. We have a greater chance of taking our healthy aging into our own hands by the habits and lifestyle we create. 

It doesn’t matter what age you are currently, it’s always a good time to start becoming more physically active and making better decisions in your nutrition and daily habits. The rewards are well worth the time and effort. 

Obviously when it’s our time to go, it’s our time. But why would we not do our best to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, to have that quality of life to stay active and enjoy those special moments. For us to see our kids, grandkids or even great grandkids grow up, like the example my grandparents have set for me and so many others. You be that example to those in your circle of influence that will look at you and say… 

” Wow, I want to do that also!” Creating the next generation of active, healthy, caring individuals.

Written by Joe Kuefler


Founder of HossFit Coaching LLC.

Image: L-R Grandma, me, Dad, Sister, Grandpa

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