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Fire Fighter

There is a saying I have. 

“Very few people have experienced something absolutely miserable, but loved every second of it because of the company they were in.”  – Joe Kuefler

Hi there, I am Joe Kuefler (Key-fler). 

Owner of HossFit Coaching. 

There’s something about being in nature that brings me peace of mind, creates greater connection with others and with my creator.

I’ve always had a deep connection with the outdoors. From growing up on a Quarter horse ranch in Utah, spending 14 years in northwest Montana and now living as a 5th generation family member in Durango Colorado with my wife and 2 kids.

I have had the privilege to experience many adventures in these Rocky Mountains.

Since I was old enough to keep up with dad I have been an avid outdoorsman, hunting conservationist, angler and horseman. 

I’ve also always had outdoor and physically strenuous jobs. From a trail guide/packer in Glacier National Park for 2 seasons, Internationally Certified Arborist for 6 years and Field Tech./Supervisor for a local County District for 7 years.

I am also 7 years into being an active Volunteer with our local Fire Department and I volunteer in security at our local church as well.

With all that comes the importance of staying fit and physically ready for adventure or the job. I have been into regular fitness training since I was 16. Through a lot of trial and error I have found an equilibrium with the busyness of daily life, work, raising a family and staying fit and ready for adventure. 

This is what I am passionate about teaching others and a big part of why I started a coaching business.

I am looking for the complete beginner to the seasoned outdoor enthusiast, hunters, first responder or anyone who wants to grow into maintaining peak fitness for daily life and health.

I offer several options to meet you where you are at with sustainable and progressive programs in fitness and nutrition guidance.

I will coach you through the obstacles and line it all out to make it simple to follow, all you have to do is stay committed and put in the work. Thank you for your time!

And remember –  Better today, Better tomorrow!

See you outside.

Contact Information

Hoss Fit 970-759-3838