Strength Training is “The Bomb”


I can’t say that strength training is a “fix all” but it comes really dang close!  

Strength training has been proven to have greater results for weight loss than cardio, It boosts your energy levels, metabolism function, endurance and your physical abilities… your strength obviously. 

What is strength training exactly? I’m glad you asked. 

Strength training is a focus on the growth of muscle tissue. It should progress in order of – stabilization, endurance, hypertrophy, strength and power.  



Is the body’s ability to provide optimal dynamic joint support to maintain correct posture during all movements. In other words, stabilization is getting the right muscles to fire, with the right amount of force, in the proper plane of motion, and at the right time to support our joints and spine. Repeatedly training with controlled, unstable exercises increases the body’s ability to stabilize and balance itself. 


Muscular endurance  

Is the ability to produce and maintain force production for prolonged periods of time. Developing and improving muscular endurance is an integral component of all fitness programs, it helps increase core and joint stabilization, which is the foundation on which hypertrophy, strength, and power are built. Training for muscular endurance of the core focuses on the recruitment of muscles responsible for postural stability. 


Muscular hypertrophy  

Is the enlargement of skeletal muscle fibers in response to being recruited to develop increased levels of tension. Resistance training that uses a variety of repetition ranges, with progressive overload, leads to muscular hypertrophy. 



Is the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce internal tension, specifically in the muscles and connective tissues that pull on the bones, to overcome an external force. The degree of internal tension produced is the result of strength adaptations. The specific form of strength or internal tension, which is produced from training, is based on the type and intensity of training used. Strength cannot be thought of in isolation. Strength is built on the foundation of stabilization requiring muscles, tendons, and ligaments to be prepared for the load that will be required to increase strength beyond the initial stages of training. 



Is the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce the greatest possible force in the shortest possible time. This is represented by the simple equation of force multiplied by velocity (force × velocity). Power adaptations build on stabilization and strength adaptations and then apply them at more realistic speeds and forces seen in everyday life and sporting activities. The focus of power-resistance training lies in getting the neuromuscular system to generate force as quickly as possible. 


Well, there you have it!  

Strength training is rather incredible, isn’t it?

I have been strength training for over a decade now and it has become an integral part of my life. Now, Nutrition is a whole other vitally important topic for another time, but Strength training combined with proper Nutrition is BOMB PROOF! 

If you follow a well-designed program, you will see big results. 

It will take commitment and time to get in the groove and habit of making it a sustainable lifestyle, but I do know it is possible even for a very busy individual like myself. 

I have always had the commitment to strength training but struggled a long time with proper nutrition, from starting out as a single person and cooking not being one of my favorite hobbies, to gradually growing my knowledge of nutrition importance and implementing it into my daily routine. 

Also, my wife has encouraged and supported me big time toward that goal (she said not to leave that part out). 

Personally, since maintaining good nutrition combined with strength training 4 days a week I have gained and maintained 20lbs of lean muscle mass, It has improved my strength, appearance, energy, health and overall capabilities to enjoy life and the outdoor activities I love. 


Why would you not do this? That’s a good question… 



Written by Joe Kuefler, 

NASM CPT and founder of 

HossFit Coaching LLC.

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